• The company

    Founded in 2007, Portnox helps to secure connected organizations utilizing its cutting-edge technology that allows CISOs to see, control, react and manage the risk networks face for any user, any device, anywhere.

  • Our platform

    The Portnox platform is a software solution that sees through all network layers – Ethernet, wireless, virtual, VPN and cloud. It communicates directly and natively with all existing switches, wireless access controllers, routers and firewalls to get complete visibility of all devices the minute they connect to the network. Additionally, it controls connected devices, whether managed or unmanaged devices. Portnox’s solutions are rapidly deployed in any environment, regardless of size and scale, as they do not require any appliances, agents or changes to existing infrastructure.

  • Why Portnox ?

    With Portnox your network is continuously monitored and protected. Portnox saves you time and money with real-time visibility and control of all devices connecting to your network, through a platform that works for all businesses. The first software-only NAC solution, Portnox gives you the anytime, anywhere knowledge and tools you need to secure the network in the age of IoT.


Portnox core

On premise solution

CORE is patented solution which allows you to manage the security challenges organizations face by providing 100% visibility. Utilizing an agentless technology that allows you to detect and profile devices in real time on your wired, wireless, VPN, and virtual networks, Portnox CORE provides an additional layer of IoT visibility and offers full capabilities for device discovery, authentication, and compliance enforcement. Absolute visibility. Absolute control.


Portnox clear

Cloud Solution

CLEAR is an economically sound, Security-as-a-Service (SaaS) cloud platform that delivers continuous, on and off premises risk monitoring of all your endpoints, bringing cost-effective, deployable, and manageable Network Access Management to any sized company as a cloud service. It assigns a risk score and assesses the threat they may pose to your network and acts in real time. Anywhere.


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