• The company

    Infognito is a dynamic and creative company dedicated to bring innovative security solutions to our customers. Our mission is to simplify sensitive data management across the organization data stores. Infognito was founded at 2014, in the beginning we provided security solutions for the Israeli market, since then we have expanded to Europe, US, and Asia helping dozens of customers world wide to manage and protect there sensitive data that is stored in the organization.

  • Why Infognito?

    They strive to bring innovative security solutions to manage data across the organization, deliver simple to implement yet robust solutions for their customers, maintain the highest level of support throughout the relationship with the customers and their utmost to fix any problem in our applications in a timely manner.


Infognito Data Masking

A simple, robust and intuitive sensitive data detection, classification and masking solution to prevent organization’s sensitive data leaking to unauthorized personnel, while replacing the real data with a high value non sensitive dataset. Infognito provides more than 20 pre-defined sensitive masking methods and a robust "no-code" approach to adding new masking methods.


Infognito Data Classification

Classify sensitive data stored inside databases and big data datastores with the ability to get an up to date and accurate view where sensitive data is stored. Infognito data classification dashboard provides a 360 degree view where sensitive data is stored starting from the database level to drilling down to a single column level.


Infognito Data Migration

Prevent sensitive data from reaching cloud environments, using Infognito consistent data discovery as well as prevent sensitive data from reaching the cloud using infognito masking engine. Continuously scan cloud databases for sensitive data, get alerts when sensitive data is introduced to the organization’s cloud environment.


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