• The company

    Garland Technology provides the industry’s most reliable and economical test access point (TAP) and packet broker solutions. They ensure complete 360° visibility, by passing all live wire data, guaranteed 100% uptime for active, inline security tools, and ensure no packets loss, for out-of-band tools.
    Because Garland Technology remains 100% TAP focused, with all products made in the USA, Network Operations and Security Operations Teams gain complete and reliable network visibility; whether for compliance, corporate initiatives, or breach/threats.

  • Why Garland Technology?

    Designing the industry’s first bypass test access point (TAP) is just one of the many benchmarks for success, and since 2011, Garland Technology has accelerated research and development, alongside a commitment to product evolution and quality, to become the leader for the industry’s most reliable test access point (TAP) and packet broker solutions.
    Garland’s unique TAP to ToolTM Architecture puts the focus on the performance and visibility of your security and monitoring tools. Offering modular and open vendor solutions, they provide the scalability and flexibility to deploy what you need, when you need it.


Passive Fiber Network TAPs

Garland Technology’s Passive Fiber Test Access Points (TAPs) are high-density, non-powered devices that makes a full copy of any network’s data without affecting network traffic, providing visibility and the high-performance monitoring solution required to efficiently manage even...


Copper Network TAPs

Garland Technology’s Copper Test Access Points (TAPs) sets the industry’s benchmark with features to include link speed synchronization, link failure propagation, media conversion, fail-safe technology, power over ethernet, and utilization rules and alerts, allowing Garland Technology to provide the...


Network Packet Brokers

In today’s environment with significant investment in security and monitoring tools, Garland recognizes the need for a cost-effective solution that allows the flexibility and speed that is required for the networks of the future. Get the advantages of full-featured NPBs at a significantly less cost.


Aggregator Network TAPs

AggregatorTAPs are used to capture 100% full duplex traffic; the traffic can then be sent to multiple monitor appliances to analyze your network. AggregatorTAPs support aggregation, ‘TAP’ breakout and regeneration/SPAN modes providing flexibility to manage your network.


Bypass Network TAPs

Garland Technology’s Inline Edge Security is the first line of defense for security threats and breaches by providing 100% visibility for security tools like NGFW, IPS, DDoS to protect and monitor. Unlike SPAN/mirror ports, Bypass TAPs, also referred to as a 'bypass switch’, provides...


XtraTAP: All-In-1 TAPs

Garland Technology’s XtraTAPTM: All-In-1 Test Access Points (TAPs) sets the industry’s benchmark with features, including link speed synchronization, remote access and management and utilization rules and alerts, allowing Garland Technology to provide the visibility required to...


Cloud Packet Visibility

Prisms is the most advanced, easiest, and most affordable solution to get cloud packets to monitoring tools and services. Prisms allows organizations to access, process and deliver packet-level traffic from VMs and containers in any public cloud. Their next generation agent technology sends processed packet traffic to your tools and services both in-cloud and off-cloud.


Pluggables and Cables

Connect your tools and TAPs to your network with quality made pluggables for ethernet copper and fiber optic networks.


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