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    Cofense is a leading provider of human-driven phishing defense solutions. Their platform turns employees into an active line of defense by enabling them to identify, report and mitigate spear phishing, malware and drive-by threats.
    Cofense combines market-leading incident-response technologies with employee-sourced attack intelligence for a complete collective defense against email-based cyber-attacks. With Cofense, you can disrupt attacks at delivery and stay ahead of breaches. Imagine a time when every user becomes an instinctual node on the network, feeding actionable intelligence to security teams. Where technology and users alike work together, creating a cycle of unparalleled vigilance and response. And where unmatched human aptitude meets the speed of technology to find and eliminate threats.
    Cofense clients include Global 1000 organizations in defense, energy, financial services, healthcare and manufacturing sectors that understand how changing user behavior will improve security, aid incident response and reduce the risk of compromise.

  • Why Cofense?

    For more than a decade, the world has trusted Cofense to stop phishing attacks in their tracks. They keep government agencies, financial institutions, critical infrastructure, and thousands of other organizations secure with a combination of:

    Market-Leading Innovation – Cofense PhishMeTM was the first product to use phishing email simulation to train and condition end-users to avoid falling for phishing attacks. Since then, Cofense has introduced the first reporting button for one-click mail-client threat reporting, the first phishing incident-response platform, and the industry’s first phishing Orchestration, Automation, and Response platform.

    Relevant Intelligence – From the latest attacks to weaponized malware, Cofense knows threats.
    • Cofense Phishing Defense Center analyzes 3,000 reported emails every day with 10%+ found malicious
    • Cofense IntelligenceTM performs human analysis on millions of emails and campaigns each month
    • Cofense pulls more than 1 million active phishing threats each day via honeypots and botnets

    Unparalleled Expertise – Cofense has been focused on phishing, and just phishing, since 2008.
    • Over 10 million simulations sent each month
    • Over 15 million users enabled to report malicious emails
    • Professional Services, Consulting, and Support teams with decades of experience

    Trusted Leadership – Cofense leadership is deeply engrained in phishing and security. In addition to deep expertise in cybersecurity, our leadership team includes veterans of the U.S. military and former Office of Special Investigations (OSI) agents with extensive experience in counterintelligence and counterespionage operations as well as many employees with U.S. government clearance.

    Respect for Brands and Reputations – Some companies don’t think twice about using other companies’ names and logos in phishing simulations. But when a simulated branded email is shared on social media, a legitimate company’s reputation takes a big hit. At Cofense, we honor brand value by upholding trademark law and usage to first secure a brand’s permission - and defend the reasoning behind the laws - to safeguard brand equity that takes decades to build.

    One of the Most Awarded Vendors – Cofense is consistently recognized for our product innovation and strong leadership.


Cofense PhishMe

Cofense PhishMe uses industry-proven behavioral conditioning methods to better prepare employees to recognize and resist malicious phishing attempts– transforming your biggest liability into your strongest defense.


Cofense Reporter

Cofense Reporter is an easy-to-use add-in that enables users to report suspicious emails with a simple click from their email client. Cofense Reporter can be deployed on desktop mail clients and on mail clients on Apple and...


Cofense Triage

Cofense Triage is the first phishing-specific incident response platform that stops attacks in progress. Cofense Triage operationalizes the collection and prioritization of employee-reported threats whether from...


Cofense Intelligence

Cofense Intelligence is a phishing-specific threat intelligence solution that delivers the right information at the right time to help defend your network. Cofense Intelligence uses proprietary techniques to analyze millions of messages daily from a wide variety of sources. It automatically dissects messages to identify new and emerging phishing and malware threats. A team of analysts dive into these messages to eliminate false positives while delivering the right intelligence when it is needed. Cofense Intelligence is distributed in multiple formats including Machine-Readable Threat Intelligence (MRTI) for quick and easy integration into other security solutions.


Cofense Vision

Cofense Vision stores, indexes, and enriches a moving window of email messages in a client environment, enabling security teams to take action against unreported malicious emails. Using Cofense Vision, security operations teams can extend Cofense clustering logic to find the full breadth of an attack, quickly and efficiently. From there, operators can rapidly remove threats from users’ mailboxes by quarantining emails. Together, Cofense Triage and Cofense Vision deliver a phishing incident response platform that powers faster, more efficient phishing mitigation. Cofense Triage lets incident responders find “bad” faster, while Cofense Vision finds malicious emails across the organization and stops them before they become a threat.


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