• The company

    Define your ideal network. Think beyond fast, cost-effective, and reliable. Think about proven technology and eye-opening innovation. And an infrastructure that’s designed for agile response and open to the developments of vendors and technical communities worldwide. Now you’re thinking about Brocade.
    Brocade Communications Systems, Inc. is an American technology company specializing in data and storage networking products. Originally known for its leadership in Fibre Channel storage networks, the company has expanded its focus to include a wide range of products for New IP and Third platform technologies.

  • Hardware

    Offerings now include routers and switches optimized for data center, campus and carrier environments, IP and Fibre Channel storage network fabrics; Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) and Software-defined networking (SDN) solutions such as a commercial edition of the OpenDaylight Project SDN Controller; and network management software that spans physical and virtual devices.

    Brocade hardware products include:
    Fibre Channel SAN directors and switches;
    ultra-low-latency data center switches;
    Ethernet fabrics, Federal and enterprise Ethernet (LAN/WLAN) switches;
    WAN (Internet) routers;
    application delivery controllers (load balancers);
    Fibre Channel fabric extension switches;
    embedded Fibre Channel and Ethernet switch blades;
    Fibre Channel host bus adapters (HBAs);
    converged Fibre Channel/Ethernet network adapters (CNAs), and Ethernet transceivers.

  • Software

    Brocade also sells software-based networking devices including technology for SDN, Network virtualization, virtual routers, virtual firewalls, virtual Application Delivery Controllers (load balancers), network security appliances and VPNs through its wholly owned subsidiary, Vyatta.



From the world’s first Ethernet fabric technology, to an open controller that eliminates vendor lock-in, to a switch stack that you can distribute throughout your campus, our innovations give you choices. Whether that means functionality, vendors, or even locations beyond the wiring closet, every option is secure, economical...



Maintain industry-leading performance and manageability as you scale your network with our secure, cost-effective Ethernet routers. You can even scale your business agility with innovative features like a programmable architecture and an OpenFlow hybrid mode that supports a seamless transition to SDN.


Storage Networking

Get ahead of data growth challenges with our purpose-built storage infrastructure. Innovative monitoring, management, and diagnostic tools provide unprecedented insights and visibility that help you anticipate problems and speed responses. The result? Unmatched performance, availability, and TCO for enterprise-class storage.


Network Automation

Brocade takes a workflow-centric approach to bringing network automation and agility into IT operations with cross-domain workflows.


Network Visibility

Scale your network quickly, cut costs and monetize your data assets with Brocade’s comprehensive suite of software-based...


Network Management

Access your physical and virtual networks’ vital signs via any web device with one easy-to-use command-and-control application.


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